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For twenty years Dr. Talcott was a Private Practicing Chiropractor. 

In the early 80's, as a solo doctor, while charging $20 for adjustments and $13 for therapies, he took his practice to over 140k per month in collections. 

During this time he had as many as 21 employees who were directly under his management.  His staff won dozens of awards for outstanding Patient Care and Business Performance.  Dr. Talcott also integrate P.T.'s, M.D.'s and Chiropractors in the establishment of multidiscipline hospital departments.

Dr. Talcott had a diverse health care career before selling his practice in 1997.

He established two Chiropractic Hospital Departments, brought MUA's to Dallas Texas, served on the Governor appointed Workers Compensation Commission in Texas, held positions as post graduate faculty instructor at Texas Chiropractic College, is past Governor to the TCA Association Of Scientific Councils, headed the TCA personal and practice development committee, was a Charter Member of the Editorial Advisory Board for Chiropractic Economics magazine, has appeared on the front cover of Chiropractic Economics, has had 26 articles published on Managed Care and Practice Development, served on the Board Of Trustees for Shared Physicians Network, has been a featured speaker at numerous associations and colleges, and is the developer of orthopedic products.

Dr. Talcott was a founding partner of Shared Physicians’ network,  an IPA that credentials participating doctors for contracting with HMO’s and PPO’s,

Dr. Talcott has been a Featured Speaker at numerous conventions and the Lead Trainer at hundreds of seminar events.  He was invited to record a complete training series for Distributor Services, a division of the world renowned Nightingale Conant Corporation. Nightingale Conant is the world leader in Personal Development and Success Principles and represents industry leaders such as Brian Tracey, Stephen Covey, Anthony Robins, and many more.

Dr. Talcott was featured in a new book with Dr. Deepok Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Mark Victor Hansen and is the author of his own book, The Metanoia Factor:  Controlling Destiny...  Getting What You Want While Making A Difference.  

Dr. Talcott has also led weekend retreats for start up businesses for the purpose of developing rock solid A-Z business plans and is a partner in a real estate development company.

Twenty years as a practicing physician, and owner, of one of the largest health care clinics in the country afforded Dr. Talcott the ideal set of circumstances to perfect the art of effective communication. Over the years he has put those skills to work in numerous ways.

Dr. Talcott knows that effective communication is the core of success. Communication with employees, vendors, investors, partners and even family determines the ultimate financial growth of a business. Furthermore, effectively communicating benefits of your product or service is essential for practice growth.

 His career passion is to teach others how to improve their life and business. His study of the mind, personal relationships, and staff relationships, along with his extensive business and marketing experience create the perfect background to produce a powerful consulting approach for assisting others in obtaining personal and business growth.

His ability to take large complex issues and repackage them in small digestible bits has caused him to be dubbed “The Great Simplifier”.

 Dr. Talcott now spends full time assisting chiropractors in bringing their unique forms a health care to the people of the world. 

He is now living his dream.

Last modified: 09/17/09